Who is Open in Klamath

The following is an effort to keep the Klamath community up to date on the status the local business community during the current coronavirus pandemic. These are rapidly changing times, so please keep in mind that the information below was accurate as of when it was gathered, but it can change at a moment’s notice. Please check individual business websites or call local businesses for the most up-to-date schedules. If you want to be included on this page, please reach out to one of our ad representatives today:

  • Amber Hastings 507-444-1576
  • Spencer Jackson 541-885-4438
  • Susan Belden 541-885-4443
  • Kira McClary 507-444-1591
  • Heather Boozer 541-885-4444

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"U-S-A" and "I believe that we will win" chants broke out around the No. 1 tee box at Whistling Straits prior to the start of the Sunday Singles matches at the Ryder Cup in Haven, Wis.

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