For many years when Klamath Humane Society has asked for donations, people tell us they have already donated to HSUS (Humane Society of the United States).

Due to the misleading advertisements HSUS does, people think we get money from HSUS. This is completely false. Klamath Humane Society has never received one penny from HSUS or any other national animal organization. The only donations we get are from you, people of Klamath County.

When you see an HSUS ad on TV, it would appear they send money to animal shelters all over the country. It would also appear they directly help animals.

Reality is they pay high salaries to their staff and lobbyists. These lobbyists are in some states called directors. They lobby for what they think is best for animals. They never ask what anyone else thinks. Reality; HSUS does fund two horse sanctuaries: Black Beauty Ranch in Texas and Duchess Sanctuary in Oakland, Ore. Duchess Sanctuary does not take horses from Oregon. They take only Primerin Mares from Canada. And HSUS helps animals in Oregon how? They do not.

Klamath Humane Society has different values and views than that of HSUS.

Please when you donate to any organization, donate locally so you can see where your money is being spent. No one wants to fund high salaries and wasteful spending with their hard-earned dollars.

Debby Fowler

Klamath Falls