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During the Clinton administration's attacks on law-abiding gun owners, Rahm Emanual stated, "We are going to bend the gun laws as far as possible to ban a whole new class of guns if we can."

President Obama has started out on a similar track by appointing Supreme Court Justices, Cabinet officials, the Secretary of State and various department heads who are hostile to the Second Amendment. He has attempted to circumvent Congress by agency regulation to establish a registration scheme for certain firearms, thus violating the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986.

In an apparent attempt to divert attention from the blatant violations of federal law that allowed many hundreds of firearms to be sold (Operation Fast and Furious) to prohibited persons and illegally transported to a foreign country without their knowledge or permission, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has announced an illegal registration scheme.

This is an astonishing development when the very agency that will be charged with the administration of the new regulation was responsible for permitting the felonious sale and transportation of firearms to Mexico.

This agency, the BATFE under the Department of Justice, was informed by cooperating federal firearms license dealers who willingly told federal agents unlawful sales were occurring. The BATFE field agents concerned with the illegality of the sales and the almost irrevocable likelihood that violence would occur on both sides of the border were told by their superiors to allow the sales to proceed.

So we have an agency making new rules that affect American citizens and regulate lawful businesses and, at the same time, permitting illegal firearm sales to foreign criminals.

So far, no people have been indicted or arrested in the gun trafficking scheme, but it certainly calls into focus the credibility of the agency charged with enforcing the nation's gun laws.

Floyd Hancock

Klamath Falls