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Operation Love Thy Neighbor kicked off Sunday at noon at Mills Park.

Families in the Mills Addition started lining up at 6 a.m. Sunday for a free mattress set for their homes. It was the third year for Operation…

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Those who support requiring Oregon gun owners to secure their guns think lawmakers can pass a storage law in 2020, but are filing ballot initiative as backup plan

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Gerry_OBrien1 commented on Environmentalists getting rich using ESA

This is in regard to Robert Deane’s comment on the H&N webpage from Paul Clark:

Obviously as I stated in my original correspondence, this is a very controversial subject, and just as obvious is the bias from people like yourself who believe a degree (Humboldt State?) gives you some…

Gerry_OBrien1 commented on Environmentalists getting rich using ESA

This comment was posted for reader, Robert Deane

"I found Mr. Clark's article interesting, but as a former reporter and history degree graduate from Humboldt State University, I might suggest making sure his or other guest commentary's on the subject be properly vetted for their s…

Gerry_OBrien1 commented on 911 levy aims to aid public safety

From 911 Director Keith Endacott:
“The comments printed by mercedes and also Carlos Del Gato reflect valid concerns. I am the Director of the 911 Center and those are certainly concerns of our District. I would like to clarify that the Klamath 911 Emergency Communications District is a…

This comment is from Kenneth W Medenbach, petitioner:

The Oregon recall cover sheet only allows a petitioner 200 words or less for a statement. This is the full gist of this argument. Mike McLane is an Oregon State Bar attorney. Under Oregon Revised Statute 9.010 (1) An attorney, is an…

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