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The Henley girls basketball team, ranked 16th in the Class 4A Skyline Conference, defeated 22nd-rated Klamath Union Tuesday night in a close battle, 52-46.

Both teams came out strong in the first half, but Klamath Union seemed to dominant offense.

Tory Carson was quick to lock in a three-pointer right off the bat and had in six points for her team. Shielteal Watah was close behind her with multiple three-pointers of her own, a cumulative of four three-pointers by the end of the game.

By halftime, Klamath Union led, 27-20.

Aaliyah Powless said about her team: “Our goal was to fight until the end and not give up. We weren’t going down without a fight. We played tough from start to finish. This game was a very important game, but, despite the loss I had fun playing with my team and we definitely grew together.”

Henley played a remarkable game.

Although it started off defensively, by the end of the third quarter, the whole dynamic of the court had changed.

Lyndee McLauchlin said: “We should’ve played better in pushing the ball and our free throws, but our communication strengthened tonight and we played hard.”

Jessica Northcutt pitched in: “We came together as a team and pulled out the win, so that’s always good. We’re happy.”

Northcutt was a powerhouse on the court, scoring 14 points to help the Hornets up their league record to 5-1, one-half game behind Hidden Valley, which plays at Mazama today.

When asked how the team played, Henley coach Shannon Carlson noted: “It was a tale of two halves. The first half was a little rough, and we missed many golden opportunities. In the second half, many girls took it to heart that they had to step up and we gained some momentum which benefited us.”

The Hornets host Phoenix at 6 p.m. Thursday.