Relocated form its usual venue of Hayward Field in Eugene to Siuslaw High School in Florence, the 4A state track and field championships were held May 21-22, with three Klamath County athletes as good as gold placing first overall in competition.

Mazama senior Kayden Kappas set a new personal record in javelin, reaching 138’10” for first overall. Joining him atop the podium with first overall finishes included Henley’s Eli Hayes in the triple jump at a new personal record 43’3.5”, and the Mazama 4x100-meter relay team placing first overall at 43.58. The Mazama relay squad, comprised of Eryk Mayes, Brandon Gailey, Cole Brosterhous, and Aidan Kindt, capped off an undefeated season by edging out Hidden Valley by less than half a second to claim the state title, a team the Viks had previously beaten by exactly one second a week earlier in the Skyline Conference Championship.

An additional four regional school athletes earned second place finishes: Gailey finishing second in the 100-meters, Mazama’s Savien Burk placing second in the 300-meter hurdles with a personal record 41.89, Henley’s Joseph Northcutt earning second in shot put, and Mazama’s Macy Clemens placing second in triple jump at a personal best 36’3.75”. Clemens would also finish third in the 100-meter hurdles, joining other bronze medalists in the competition Austin McQuiston (high jump) and Andrew Edwards (pole vault) of Henley.

4A Boys results

100-meters: 1st Ashton Williams, Cascade, 11.19; 2nd Brandon Gailey, Mazama, 11.21; 3rd Tristan Calkins, Sweet Home, 11.39.

200-meters: 1st Jeremiah Noga, Hidden Valley, 22.47; 2nd Calkins, SH, 22.47; 3rd Williams, Csc, 23.03.

400-meters: 1st Noga, HV, 50.00; 2nd Hayden Sharp, Sisters, 51.88; 3rd Ben Wiese, Newport, 52.90.

800-meters: 1st Brody Bushnell, Philomath, 1:59.17; 2nd Samuel Ulrich, Siuslaw, 2:00.65; 3rd Sam May, Sis, 2:00.83.

1500-meters: 1st Bushnell, Phl, 4:04.02; 2nd Elwood Hosking, Phoenix, 4:07.05; 3rd Will Thorsett, Sis, 4:08.48.

3000-meters: 1st Ethan Hosang, Sis, 8:44.39; 2nd Patrick Clayburn, North Valley, 88:44.92; 3rd Thorsett, Sis, 8:52.87.

110-meter 39” Hurdles: 1st Gabriel Burchfield I, HV, 15.85; 2nd Payton Cunningham, Nwp, 15.90; 3rd Micah Matthews, Phl, 16.32.

300-meter 36” Hurdles: 1st Cunningham, Nwp, 40.85; 2nd Savien Burk, Mzm, 41.89, 3rd Ethan Newton, Csc, 43.26.

4x100 Relay: 1st Eryk Mayes, Gailey, Cole Brosterhous, Kindt, Mzm, 43.58; 2nd Brian Musack, Noga, Theo Bergman, Ronan Hodge, HV, 44.01; 3rd Jesus Franco, Thomas Boyer, Lance VanHoose, Williams, Csc, 45.49.

4x400 Relay: 1st Levi Knutson, Justin Enghauser, Sean Cummings, Bushnell, Phl, 3:29.56; 2nd Bergman, Kaleb Scott, Hodge, Asa Marwick, HV, 3:30.52; 3rd Eric Brower, Nate Love, Matthew Hawkins, Brett Elzy, NV, 3:32.36.

Shot Put: 1st Colton McMaster, Astoria, 58’ 9.75”; 2nd Joseph Northcutt, Henley, 46’ 1.5”; 3rd Isaiah Schaffer, Estacada, 45’ 2”.

Discus: 1st McMaster, Ast, 166’ 7”; 2nd Cobyn Herbert, Elmira, 137’; 3rd Schaffer, Est, 135’ 1”.

Javelin: 1st Tyler Manning, North Marion, 182’ 06”; 2nd Colby Evans, Junction City, 162’ 02”; 3rd Sabastian Peiffer, Gladstone, 158’ 10”.

High Jump: 1st Burchfield I, HV, 6’ 2”; 2nd Isaac Stere, Cottage Grove, 6’ 1”; 3rd Austin McCuiston, Hnl, 6’ 1”.

Pole Vault: 1st Trent Summers, Marshfield, 14’ 10”; 2nd Trevor Leach, Gld, 13’ 9”; 3rd Andrew Edwards, Hnl, 13’ 9”.

Long Jump: 1st Calkins, SH, 22’ 8”; 2nd Larell Covington, Nwp, 22’ 02”; 3rd Burchfield I, HV, 22’.

Triple Jump: 1st Eli Hayes, Hnl, 43’ 3.5”; 2nd Presley Beck, Ast, 42’ 11”; 3rd Ty Kishen, CG, 42’ 1”.

4A Girls results

100-meters: 1st Jada Hurley, HV, 12.23; 2nd Karlee Touey, NV, 12.57; 3rd Emma Gates, Csc, 12.64.

200-meters: 1st Hurley, HV, 25.45; 2nd Gates, Csc, 25.58; 3rd Jaaden Steele, HV, 26.18.

400-meters: 1st Hurley, HV, 59.7; 2nd Jessy Hart, SH, 1:00; 3rd Ashley Fraser, Csc, 1:00.48.

800-meters: 1st Brea Blankenship, Slw, 2:24.36; 2nd Madelynn Mitzel, Stayton, 2:25.53; 3rd Emma Baeth, Baker, 2:26.08.

1500-meters: 1st Anika Thompson, JC, 4:39.87; 2nd Emily Tubbs, La Grande, 5:02.34; 3rd Pearl Gregg, Sis, 5:03.49.

3000-meters: 1st Thompson, JC, 9:46.89; 2nd Kyla Potratz, Phx, 10:40.38; 3rd Tubbs, LG 10:45.25.

100-meter 33” Hurdles: 1st DeShanae Norman, Gladstone, 15.21; 2nd Gracie Freudenthal, Sls, 16.18; 3rd Macy Clemens, Mzm 16.38.

300-meter 30” Hurdles: 1st Touey, NV, 45.03; 2nd Libby Korth, Marist, 46.84; 3rd Freudenthal, Sls, 48.41.

4x100 Relay: 1st Paige Cordero, Hurley, Steele, HV, 50.82; 2nd Roane Lion, Alexia Lipscomb, Sarah Rossetti, Asha Thanik, Valley Catholic, 51.62; 3rd Ava Smith, Touey, Jordan Fagert, Olivia Allen, NV, 51.78.

4x400 Relay: 1st Cami Oliva, Gabriella Floyd, Gates, Fraser, Csc 4:10.34; 2nd Anna Belding, Sydnee Pierce, Sydney Keller, Baeth, Bkr, 4:15.55; 3rd Blankenship, Rylee Colton, Corduroy Holbrook, Freudenthal, Slw, 4:17.63.

Shot Put: 1st Kaiah Fisher, HV, 45’ 9”, 2nd Andrea Osbon, Sls, 40’ 1.5”, 3rd Mia Rust, Phl, 37’.

Discus: 1st Fisher, HV, 166’ 10”, 2nd Mira Matthews, Mrs, 119’ 08”, 3rd Anna Green, LG, 114’ 09”.

Javelin: 1st Kayden Kappas, Mzm, 138’ 10”, 2nd Green, LG, 122’ 6”, 3rd Erika Schones, Nwp, 111’ 02”.

High Jump: 1st Gates, Csc, 5’ 6”, 2nd Elizabeth Grandle, Molalla, 5’ 2”, 3rd Norman, Gld, 5’.

Pole Vault: 1st Keller, Bkr, 10’, 2nd Roxy Day, Mrs, 9’ 9”, 3rd Shelby Larson, Sis, 9’ 6”.

Long Jump: 1st Norman, Gld, 18’ 3.75”, 2nd Touey, NV, 17’ 9.5”, 3rd Maddie Sisley, Ast, 17’ 7.75”.

Triple Jump: 1st Steele, HV, 37’ 10.5”, 2nd Clemens, Mzm, 36’ 3.75”; 3rd Sisley, Ast, 34’ 5.5”.