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Henley High School’s junior varsity baseball team defeated Bonanza High School’s varsity team 5-3 in the Antlers’ newly renovated stadium. This was not a simple win however, as Bonanza always kept some pressure on the Hornets, especially in the last inning.

“I have faith in the kids in making the plays they needed to make,” head coach for the Hornets, Andrew McDaniel, said. “It got a little dicey but I was confident they’d get the job done.”

Henley scored a run in innings one through five thanks to Aiden Hayes, Owen Harper, Payton Price, Rowdy Gordon and one more player. Even though the home team didn’t make as many runs they were able to get on the bases in six out of the seven innings.

“(Bonanza) played really well,” McDaniel said. “I can see them doing some damage this year and into the future. Overall it was clean game and it was fun to watch.”

Throughout the game, the Hornets went through two pitchers: Lane Frank and Gordon. Both threw heaters against the Antlers and made it hard for them to connect.

“I expected to score more runs but Bonanza played well today,” Frank said. “Last game stung a bit but after todays win we feel good.”

The Hornets take a break until Saturday and visit Crater High School and face their junior varsity team in a double header.