Greg Stewart

A 48-8 record is the ice cream, a Cascade Collegiate Conference championship is the whipped cream and the NAIA Softball World Series title would be the cherry on top for the OIT softball team’s 2021 season. Greg Stewart, head coach, led the Owls to earn the school’s first title in 2011 and will try to do it again today in Columbus, Ga.

“We know the gravity of the game and the importance,” Stewart said. “We’ve still got to keep it in perspective. We’re not going to change anything we do. At this level it comes down to who outperforms who. Anything can happen in a single inning.”

The Owls will face No. 1 seed Southern Oregon on Wednesday at 2 p.m.

If the Owls win, they win the title. SOU would have to defeat the Owls twice to defend the title. Listen to the game on the radio at 960 and 104.3. The coaches show begins at 1:45 p.m.

The Oregon Tech squad has experienced multiple game-changing innings this season. One was against Eastern Oregon University on April 30, as the Owls pushed the game to eight innings and scored in the last frame, and in their final game of the regular season versus the College of Idaho, pushing the game again to the eight inning and scoring, and again four days ago versus Michigan’s Madonna University.

Madonna proved to be one of the best teams the Owls have faced this year, Stewart said. The Owls and Crusaders nearly mirrored each other’s scoring plays as they both made three runs in the third inning. The Owls took the lead in the fifth, lost it in the seventh and stole it back in the ninth.

“It’s fun to play with common opponents throughout the season,” Stewart said. “But when you play other teams it’s fun to see their talent and how we measure up.”

So far, the team’s routine and playing-style has proved to be successful and does not require any adjustment. Day in and day out the Owls have logged many hours on the practice field and have been dedicated to the process.

“I’m excited to see players play consistently, especially right now,” Stewart said. “It’s a testament to the hard work, effort and commitment they’ve had throughout the season. Softball is a grind and it can get tedious, but they’ve put in the work.”

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