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DORRIS — There is one thing stuck inside the mind of the Tulelake soccer team, and it isn’t a good thing.

The Honkers loss in the CIF Northern Section title game last year has stung since the team fell last November to Mt. Shasta.

Tulelake lost to Mt. Shasta last week, yet again, 5-1, but came back with vengeance in mind against rival Butte Valley Tuesday in Dorris and won, 6-0.

“It is in the back of our mind. Last year, it was hard to lose to Mt. Shasta in the championship game. We want to evolve our game and get better little by little. We just want to try to get to the championship and just win,” Tulelake’s Gonzalo Chavez said.

Chavez has had several hat trick’s since he has been a soccer player, but never has he had what is referred to as a “haul,” which is four goals in a game.

It took him less than a minute to put the ball into the net on his first goal Tuesday.

To open the second half, he scored his third goal in the first minute after halftime.

“It feels good but it feels better to get the win as a team. It is all about the team and not something individual,” Chavez said.

Jaime Loza and Cesar Sandoval also came out with goals in the meeting.

“Even after we had a big loss last week, we came out strong and played our game. This week, we came out hard and did our objective which was pass and get to the open man and score goals,” Tulelake goalie Gus Loza said.

“We are not trying to put a lot of pressure on anyone, but we tell them we had a lot of seniors who graduated last year, big and key starters, and these guys are doing their job. Come out here in the game, do your job and I’ll be happy with you.”

Loza is one of seven players who play both football and soccer for Tuelelake this season.

Butte Valley senior Trevor Allen is an addition to its soccer program this season after he spent last year in Germany for a foreign exchange program he was in.

Allen is one of several Bulldogs who have played soccer since before they started grade school.

“We have a lot of young and inexperienced players, so a lot of it has been a learning process. It has been good for players to practice and develop. It has also been hard because we do not have those juniors and seniors who know the game or this program,” Allen said.

“It is not just about carrying the jersey. When someone sees one of us working hard, hopefully that can rub off because a lot of guys out here love this sport and the game and a lot of us love this so much and want to succeed at it.”