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ODFW is asking successful forest grouse and mountain quail hunters to return a wing and a tail from each bird they harvest.

Look for collection barrels (often bright blue with yellow signs) at major road junctions or highways in popular hunting areas. You’ll also find barrels at some ODFW offices and popular rural markets.

How to submit your wings and tails: Clip the right wing close to the bird’s body. Submit the left wing if the right wing is damaged (i.e. worn or missing feathers).

Remove all tail and rump feathers by skinning out the lower 2 to 3 inches of the back of the bird and clipping off the tail.

Place wing and tail together in provided paper bag, and write the date of kill and general location where indicated. Please do not use plastic bags, they speed decomposition and make the wings and tails hard to use.

Put the wing bags inside the collection barrel or drop them off at the nearest ODFW office (call in advance to arrange drop off, some offices have barrels outside the office).

We can also send you additional bags and postage-paid return envelopes, if you need them. Call (503) 947-6301 for additional bags and envelopes.

Biologist use the wings and tails to collect information on species, age, hatch date, recruitment and sex ratios of the birds. They use the information to get a clearer picture of grouse and quail populations that will help determine hunting seasons.

Since wing collections started in 1980, hunters have submitted more than 30,000 grouse wings.

The season for forest grouse is Sept. 1 through Jan. 31 statewide. There is no open season for spruce grouse.

Mountain quail seasons is Sept. 1 – Jan. 31 in Western Oregon and Oct. 10 – Jan. 31 in Eastern Oregon.