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Golf putt

One of the most common mistakes seen with amateur golfers is that they hit putts instead of roll putts.

The more a player wraps themselves around rolling their putt the more successful on the greens they will be.

So, how does one roll instead of hit?

First, it starts in the grip. Hitters grip the putter too hard while putters who roll the ball grip the putter softly in their fingers ONLY.

Secondly, if your posture is bent over too much and your elbows are too far apart it is hard to roll the ball. Start your posture by bending from the waist so your arms are hanging comfortably. This will allow your arms to swing.

To roll the ball the arc of the putter needs to swing inside the target line in the backswing.

By letting your arms hang naturally and gripping the putter gently in the fingers, you will be able to swing the putter back instead of having a short jabby stroke.

If you are having distance control with your putter. Let your arms hang, grip it softly in your fingers, and roll the ball to the hole instead of hitting the putt.

You will see a big difference.