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CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK — Crater Lake, one of the world’s cleanest and clearest large water bodies, is facing a new threat of contamination this summer as hordes of park visitors bring prohibited items into the lake and defecate along its shores.

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SALEM —Fresh snow had just melted and the scent trail was more than a day old when a yellow Labrador Retriever named Buck went in search of evidence linked to an elk that had been poached on March 19 near Cottage Grove.

Oregon fishing businesses can seek relief for COVID-19 impactsSALEM — Oregon’s application period for potential assistance for COVID-19 impacts to fishing-related businesses is now open and extends through Sept. 8.

Meetings held by local school districts on school football fields explain to families the newest burdens placed upon them to keep the system running. Ironically, the districts ask for community support, pleading that families opt-in to the district rather than signing up with online solution…

CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK — With the increased fire danger in Southern Oregon, Crater Lake National Park has gone into stage one fire restrictions. According to park officials, the outlook is for above normal significant wildland fire potential for the next several months.

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. (AP) — A female humpback whale found beached in Ocean Shores, Washington, Monday appears to have died after suffering blunt force trauma consistent with a ship strike, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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At first glance I thought they were cobblestones. Not just some, but hundreds that, as we paddled upstream, multiplied into the thousands. That got me to wondering how did they got there. But something intuitively told me they weren’t rocks.