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Esther (Grenz) Kringler passed away on Sept. 10, 2019, in Klamath Falls, Ore. Born in 1924 in Hazelton, N.D., Esther brightened our world for 94 years. She is survived by nine sons and daughters plus 38 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all of whom were blessed with the love and compassion only she could give. With a stern but patient hand, Grandma Kringler was the original warm, funny, all knowing, all seeing MOTHER. Esther never complained about her station in life, often with a "hard row to hoe," she was there for her family always, the steady hand that never wavered. Esther will remain in our hearts forever, her sense of humor, sharp mind and plain toughness were unequaled and the sacrifices she made all her life will not be forgotten. Esther cared most about family above all else and this was reflected in the pain and sorrow we all felt so deeply at her passing. Eventually, all the memories will be good ones, as they should be, memories that will keep MOM alive in our hearts until we meet again. Esther never remarried after her husband, Walter (Nuppy) Kringler, passed after many years in Westwood and Susanville, Calif., living there after his service in World War II. Her last 15 years were with family in Klamath Falls. Esther left us surrounded by the children and loved ones who cared so much for her and we know she left us in peace. A memorial/celebration of life will be held in Susanville at a later date to be announced.