A California trucking company has denied wrongdoing in a $3.25 million lawsuit filed by an Oregon man injured two years ago in a collision in Klamath County.

On June 1, FDF Trucking, of Indio, Calif., said a third driver was at fault for suddenly pulling into traffic from the shoulder while allegedly intoxicated.

FDF was sued March 1 by Scott Hinojosa, of Jacksonville, who claims the company is responsible for a collision March 9, 2016, on Highway 97 involving a semi-truck driven by FDF employee Rony Espinoza-Martinez, of Las Vegas, Nev. Hinojosa claims Espinoza-Martinez tried to pass a Dodge sedan occupied by the plaintiff in icy conditions, causing the semi to jackknife and crash into the car.

Hinojosa suffered traumatic brain injuries and is suing for $570,000 in medical expenses, $50,000 for lost wages, $887,040 for lost earning power and $1.75 million in non-economic damages.

FDF claims Espinoza-Martinez was not at fault and instead a driver identified as Christopher Frank Carver pulled from the shoulder off the highway into oncoming traffic, causing the wreck. FDF also claimed Carver was under the influence of marijuana at this time.

FDF has asked for Hinojosa’s suit to be dismissed. No hearing dates have yet been set in the case.