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The new Klamath Falls Momiji is set to open within a week or two. It is located is on Washburn Way.

Momiji is an Oregon chain of sushi and Japanese cuisine restaurants, and in just a week or two, Klamath Falls will have its very own Momiji location.

The flagship restaurant was opened in Salem by chef Bruce Zhen in 2010. Zhen and his brother, John, have since opened 17 locations across Oregon.

The newest location in is at 3380 Washburn Way, Suite E, Klamath Falls. The manager, Carrie Yu, is a close family friend of the Zhen’s. John refers to her as a sister.

Klamath Falls has Yu to thank for choosing to open a Momiji location here. She said she chose Klamath Falls because the area reminds her of her California home.

“The weather is just like me hometown, it has four different seasons. I love the snow also, and the mountains. In California, the mountains are just a yellow color but here everything is super green,” Yu said.

The restaurant will have the same menu as the other Momiji locations.

It contains a wide variety of sushi rolls with cheeky names, some paying homage to Oregon, like the “Coos Bay” roll or the most popular “Salem roll.” Others have puns (e.g. “miso sexy”) or references to pop culture (e.g. “Godzilla”).

There are also the straightforward items such as the classic rainbow or Philly roll, and a varied selection of nigiri. For those disinclined to fish, there is also chicken katsu, gyoza and teriyaki chicken.

“We hand-make everything, everything is fresh,” Yu said.

John Zhen said the restaurant will be ready to open in just a week or two, and he is currently working with the Klamath Falls Chamber of Commerce to plan a grand opening event.

Momiji means maple leaves in English, and Yu pointed out that it also sounds like the English word ‘mom.’ She said this reminds the diners of a mother’s home cooking.