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Sky Lakes Medical Center is denying wrongdoing in a lawsuit filed by a former patient who claims malpractice led to a preventable stroke.

On May 4, Sky Lakes filed an answer acknowledging plaintiff Beverly Miles was seen at the hospital in early 2016, but denied taking action that resulted in a debilitating stroke suffered by Miles a month later.

Mile claims she was admitted to the emergency room Jan. 18, 2016, after suffering a stroke. She was examined by Dr. Dawn Jennings-Peterson and claims she was given no medication and told to return in three months.

Miles suffered a more severe stroke Feb. 12, 2016, resulting in loss of vision, speech and cognitive ability. She is suing for $1.2 million in economic damages and $1.8 million in non-economic damages.

Sky Lakes said Jennings-Peterson “made several treatment recommendations and referred plaintiff to a neurologist.” They denied all other allegations that the hospital or Jennings-Peterson acted negligently.

Sky Lakes also said the lawsuit, filed Jan. 18, was past the statute of limitations and failed to state claims applicable to Oregon law.

Jennings-Peterson has been named along with Sky Lakes as a defendant. According to the Oregon Medical Board, Jennings-Peterson has no record of malpractice judgments against her license.

A hearing to set a trial date has been scheduled for June 6.