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TALENT (AP) — In mid-October, 78-year-old Joseph Powell moved back into his mobile home in Talent Mobile Estates. His view had changed since Sept. 8. He used to open his door to towering trees and a community of modest homes. Now he sees torched vehicles, a sea of debris and charred tree lim…

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While the two candidates vying for Oregon’s vast 2nd Congressional District have very differing views, both are making it a point to listen to their would-be constituents. Given that the district is the seventh largest in the nation and spans more than 20 Oregon counties, that’s kept them pr…

Bar with topless dancing loses liquor license over COVID-19DRAIN (AP) — A bar with topless dancing in a small town north of Roseburg has had its liquor license suspended by the state, which says the establishment was in violation of COVID-19 social distancing and face covering requirements.

Theaters across Oregon are closed. Big movie multiplexes and small theater companies alike are waiting for the pandemic to subside. For a handful of historic Oregon venues, though, recent financial help from the state will support some needed improvements while their doors are closed.