Kruise of Klamath

A 1955 Chevy Bel Air sits is parked on Main Street outside the Klamath County Courthouse.

The Kruise of Klamath Show ‘n Shine transformed Main Street in Klamath Falls into a nostalgic cat walk of cars from the past.

“It’s nostalgic because back in high school we used to cruise Main, so it’s kind of a step back in time,” said Jason Pitzer.

Owners stood proudly next to their cars, answering questions and showing off their hard work. Most of the “car guys” haven’t been able to take their car to a show since the pandemic started.

Pat Koerschgen’s husband Dennis owns a 1956 Chevrolet. She said that during the pandemic, most shows were canceled, keeping cars and owners in the garage.

“Most of these guys have spent the last year just polishing,” she said.

Last year, Kruise of Klamath was among the canceled events, and even this year it took on a different form. Usually, the event is held lakeside at Moore Park, but due to drought restrictions it was moved downtown.

Tom Werner, a bus driver in town, said he likes the location change.

“It’s giving business to the shops down here, I like that and I actually hope it stays that way,” he said.

Werner has been going to car shows with his Pontiac GTO for more than 30 years. Now, his grandchildren ride in the back with him and his stuffed tigers, a reference to an old GTO commercial.

Tyler Poteet helped organize the car show, and said this year they had 400 registered cars taking part.

Poteet has a green 1968 Camero, and has been participating in car shows for more than seven years.

“I’m glad we could have it this year, and that so many people were able to come out,” he said.

A group of recent Klamath Community College graduates who earned their mechanic certifications were at the show. They said their perfect car isn’t perfectly restored, but instead shows its age.

“I’m a rust guy, it took Mother Nature 60 years to put a paint job on my truck,” said Aiden Stenkamp who owns a 1965 GMC C10.

Reporter Alexandra Feller can be reached at Follow her on Twitter@alilou_65