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ALTURAS — All remaining horses younger than 10 years old at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals have now had more than three adoption attempts and will be available for purchase with limitations for $25 each, according to a Modoc National Forest news release.

Adoption events were held on Nov. 2 and Dec. 7 at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals to place Devil’s Garden Wild Horses gathered this year. Nine selections were made during the events and 30 total visitors made it out for tours of the corrals.

Of the 344 Devil’s Garden Horses gathered in 2019 and kept at the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals, approximately 90 have been selected for placement into new homes.

Other adoption attempts include the daily availability of selection appointments from Oct. 15-Nov. 1 along with the Double Devil Online Corrals at, the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals Facebook page at and hard-copy catalogs with pictures and descriptions at the Modoc National Forest Headquarters.

These efforts are in addition to the ongoing work by multiple forest personnel and volunteers to identify placement opportunities at horse shows and though individual contacts.

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act directs wild horse managers to offer all horses older than 10 for adoption and sale with limitations. It also dictates that horses younger than 10 be made available for sale with limitations after three adoption attempts.

Horses at the corrals near Alturas will be available for sale with limitations for $25 each for 30 days and for $1 each beginning Jan. 10. More information about sale with limitations is available in the request for purchase document at

Anyone who would like to purchase Devil’s Garden Wild Horses should fill out the request form found at and return it to Call 530-233-8738 for more information or to schedule a viewing and selection appointment.