A Klamath Falls man was sentenced Jan. 4 to more than 45 years in prison for his role in a series of kidnappings and assaults over the period of several months.

Harland Joseph Wright, 34, received a 550-month sentence in the Oregon prison system from Judge Alycia Kersey. Wright, along with co-defendant Elliott Donald Parker, 33, also of Klamath Falls, was charged with crimes related to the horrific torture of numerous victims in the Klamath Falls area.

While Wright has been convicted and sentenced, Parker still has three open cases related to the tortures filed with the Klamath County Circuit Court, records showed.

Some of the gruesome details of Wright’s crimes were shared during the two-day bench trial.

June 2020

One victim was terrorized by Wright and Parker in June 2020.

Wright was upset that the individual was wearing a sweater that was stolen from him, according to the Klamath County District Attorney’s Office. The two men kidnapped and then beat the victim, including with a gun that went off during the beating, almost killing the victim.

Aug. 15, 2020

According to the Klamath County District Attorney’s office, Wright, with the help of others, lured another victim to a residence on the 900 block of Lincoln Street. The victim arrived in the evening of Aug. 15, 2020, with his puppy.

When the man tried to leave, he was then threatened with a firearm and forced to sit in a chair. Parker is accused of taking the victim’s money and phone. About two hours later, Wright arrived with a large, machete-like knife and a silver revolver that he used to beat multiple victims.

Wright threatened to kill one man, and later killed the puppy. Wright and Parker then forced the victim to strip naked and to use his clothing to clean up the dead puppy’s remains.

Wright then took out a body bag and ordered a victim to get inside. Wright and Parker then sealed him in and began to repeatedly kick him.

At one point, the victim could not breath through the bag and began yelling for help, so Wright stabbed a knife through the bag, slicing the victim’s wrist.

Hours later, at about 5:30 a.m. on Aug. 16, Wright and the Parker unzipped the victim from the bag and ordered him to put on clothes. He was then forced into Wright’s car and driven to a compound at the 2800 block of Frontage Road, where he was forced to skin the dead puppy and then leave.

Sept. 1, 2020

Another victim was lured to the same house on Lincoln Street on Sept. 1, 2020. Wright and the same Parker suspected the victim of making insulting statements about Wright and cooperating with police in a drug investigation.

Once the victim arrived at the house, Wright and Parker started to beat him. Wright took out his silver revolver and began hitting the victim with it. The victim was then forced to strip naked and the beating continued.

At some point, Wright opened the revolver, slid a bullet into the cylinder, which he proceeded to spin and then point at the victim’s head. Wright pulled the trigger, but the chamber was empty. Wright did this at least three more times, each time finding an empty chamber

Afterward, the kidnappers locked the victim into a box designed to be affixed to the roof of a car. The victim was then driven to the same compound on Frontage Road.

While he was locked in the box, the victim overheard his kidnappers planning to kill him.

Once they removed the victim from the box, they continued threatening him. The victim begged for his life.

At this point, Wright decided the victim’s only way out of this was to choose from one of three punishments. The punishments included: cutting off his own finger, walking home after getting shot in the penis, or to “hang out,” slang for when someone is hung from rafters and beaten. The victim agreed to chop off his own finger, and was provided with the machete-like knife Wright used to threaten his other victim.

The victim chopped his own finger off and then in an attempt to stop the bleeding, pressed a pair of heated plyers into the wound.

After getting cleaned up, the victim was ordered back into the box and transported to a third location. Six hours after being released, the victim went to the emergency room at Sky Lakes Medical Center where he was treated for a fractured foot, numerous lacerations to his face and head, and the severed finger.