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Worden grain elevator

Ardent Mills buys grain elevator at Worden.

Denver, Colorado’s Ardent Mills, a premier flour-milling and ingredient company, has purchased the Worden grain elevator along Highway 97 for $3.3 million, according to deeds filed in Klamath County on July 1.

Ardent Mills said the purchase further enhances its commitment to organic and specialty grain sourcing.

The company bought the elevator from Henzel Brothers, a limited liability company operated by Samuel A. Henzel, of Klamath Falls, according to the Oregon Secretary of State’s website.

The grain elevator has in the past been leased by Organic Valley, a Wisconsin-based company, according to a previous H&N story.

“The location of the Klamath Falls elevator and our long-standing relationships with farmers in the surrounding area support our core business and open up specialty opportunities in the world of grain,” said Shrene White, general manager of The Annex, in a news release. “This is an exciting addition to our network of facilities and further drives our extensive grower network, public-private partnerships and commitment to innovation.”

The Annex is a business unit of Ardent Mills that is cultivating the future of specialty grains and plant-based ingredients, and exploring what is next in whole grains, pulses, mixes, custom multigrain blends and finished breads.

Klamath Falls will add to Ardent Mills locations in Stockton, California, and Arlington, in northeast Oregon.

“This acquisition enhances Ardent Mills’ ability to source grains from organic and conventional family farms in the region,” said Dan Dye, chief executive officer of Ardent Mills. “It gives us the opportunity to become the trusted partner for these growers, which is a key component of Ardent Mills’ vision.”

The company partners with universities on breeding to serve its overall customer base, according to the release.

“I’m excited at the prospect of new opportunities for breeding grains like organic barley and new initiatives for stimulating local economic development,” said Patrick Hayes, professor at Oregon State University. “This has the ability to impact not only Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, but also the entire country.”

Ardent Mills serves more than 100 certified millers in communities throughout the United States.

To learn more about Ardent Mills’s The Annex, visit or call 888-680-0013.

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