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Cam Wogan

Cam Wogan

Judge Cameron Wogan, who has levied many critical rulings on water issues in the Klamath Basin during his years on the bench, announced he will retire from the Klamath County Circuit Court effective April 30.

Governor Kate Brown will fill the position from a slate of just three candidates — Sarah Dougherty, Kelly Kritzer and Bonnie Lam — who were vetted and interviewed during the last Klamath County judicial vacancy in June 2020.

“When we have recently conducted a judicial appointment process (soliciting applications from the local bar, and fully vetting those applicants), the Governor goes back to that list of candidates if another vacancy on the court arises in short order rather than restarting the process,” said Brown’s press secretary Liz Merah.

She said that “there were several well-qualified candidates who were considered but not selected as part of that process.”