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Golf Target

Pick your target before you swing

Sometimes when we play golf we loose sight of how the game was designed.

Instead, we get caught up in hitting the ball; whether it’s we think we should be hitting the ball farther, swinging like our favorite tour player, hitting a draw or fade, or some other aspect of the game. I know I do.

The game was designed to hit the golf ball to a certain target until holed out.

Too many times a player gets caught up by the ball and looses sight of the target.

When you practice and develop a routine, you look at the target from behind the ball and picture your shot in you mind.

Then as you take your address position simply look at your target, then the ball, then your target again, and begin your swing keeping in mind to swing to your target.

Your eyes are your brains tool to have your body to perform what it wants. If you look at the ball too long you will swing to the ball, therefore never finishing your swing hitting slices, the ground before the ball, topping the ball, and other unwanted shots.

Practice looking at your target before you swing and your misses will get better as well as your good hits.

Swing to your target and the ball will get in the way.