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golf swing

Hold your shot for better control.

We have discussed the importance of a good setup to produce a good golf shot.

Well, a balanced finish is just as important. The finish let’s the golfer know what went on in the swing.

I see a lot of golfers who get too involved in just hitting the ball instead of making a balanced move and letting the swing produce the shot for them.

Start practicing this swing-thought the next time you play and hold your finish position until the ball lands.

In order to hold your finish, all the things necessary to hit a good shot occurs like the release, weight transfer, and the working of your big muscles.

This holds true to all your shots. Work on holding your finish until the ball lands or quits rolling, then your full swings and pitch shots will get better, not to mention you will hole more putts.

Besides, you never know when you might be on the cover of Herald and News.