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Crater Lake National Park

Visitors to Crater Lake National Park take in a panoramic view of the lake. Visitors to the park may have traveled via the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road, a two-state, 500-mile drive that extends from Lake Almanor, California to Crater Lake in Oregon.

The nonprofit Volcanic Legacy Community Partnership (VLCP) is recruiting new members to its board of directors to plan projects to promote tourism and the economic vitality of local communities along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway. The VLCP is an all-volunteer board, according to a news release.

The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road is a two-state, 500-mile drive that extends from Lake Almanor, California to Crater Lake in Oregon. It received national designation as an All American Road, one of just 31 byways in the United States with this distinction.

“The VLCP works collaboratively with communities, public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and local chambers of commerce across California and Oregon to best serve all stakeholder interests,” said Elizabeth Norton, president of the VLCP. “We seek Board members from across the Byway area to ensure each region is fully represented. These regions are: The Eagle Lake/Westwood/Susanville area in Lassen County, the Lake Almanor/Chester/Mineral area in Plumas and Tehama Counties, the Hat Creek/Burney area in Shasta County, the Dunsmuir/Mt. Shasta/McCloud/Weed area in Siskiyou County, the Butte Valley/Dorris/Tulelake area also in Siskiyou County and part of Modoc County, and the Klamath Basin/Klamath Falls/Crater Lake region in Klamath County, Oregon” explained Norton.

The VLCP has recently completed four grant projects with several other community and agency partners. These grants include byway marketing, the development of an interpretive plan for select regions along the California portion of the byway, the development of a Byway Discovery Guidebook and interpretive map, and the completion of an updated Byway Corridor Management Plan in 2018.

“The VLCP is currently working with Oregon and California partners to implement high priority projects listed in the 2018 Plan over the next several years. A committed and engaged board of directors is essential for our continuing progress on these exciting new initiatives,” said Norton.

Email to inquire about serving on the VLCP Board and completing an application. Applications are due Sept. 27.