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Census Taker PPE.jpg

A census taker wears PPE while visiting homes.

Many urban dwellers will head to their vacation homes and cabins this holiday weekend in the more rural counties in Oregon. They are likely to find a 2020 Census questionnaire packet at their doors even if they already responded from their primary residences.

It’s required that homeowners complete a separate Census form for every house they own, including seasonal residences. If homeowners have been staying in their seasonal homes during the COVID crisis, they still need to complete a Census form for their primary residence. People should count themselves at the residence where they live and sleep most of the time under normal conditions.

Here are instructions from the Census on how to self-respond with information on a cabin, vacation rental property, or any other home where someone does not live and sleep most of the time.

n Visit

n Enter the Census ID or address for this secondary property. Owners will find the ID number in the information packet that census takers left on the property or at a mailbox if the home has a regular mailing address.

n Enter “0” for the number of people living at this property

n Hit Next… the survey will not advance, but it will show a second prompt. Hit Next again to advance.

n Select “No” when asked a confirmation question about how many people live there.

n Select primary reason – Seasonal (most likely)

n Complete!

Residents may also respond to the 2020 Census by calling 844-330-2020, or returning the paper questionnaire by mail.

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