The U.S. Department of Agriculture has pledged $15 million in additional drought relief for agricultural producers impacted by drought in the Klamath Basin, the department announced Monday. The funds will match $15 million in drought relief funds already set aside by the Bureau of Reclamation.

The block grant to the Klamath River Drought Response Agency will provide payments direct to producers. Producers will apply for funding through the Klamath Drought Relief Agency.

Luther Horsley, board member on the DRA, said the money is necessary to avoid widespread economic collapse among the agriculture community.

“I can look out the window and see dry unproductive fields everywhere,” he said. “(The funds) gives us a known. We set up programs, but didn’t know how much we had to give.”

Enrollment for to receive funding from the DRA ended July 30. Horsely said the board saw huge number of claims and said the $30 million “might not be enough.”