Devil's Garden

Horses gathered from the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory are seen at the Bureau of Land Management Litchfield, Calif., holding facility. Approximately 132 horses from the gather have been placed.

ALTURAS – One year ago the Modoc National Forest conducted the first wild horse gather in more than 10 years from the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory. Horses not yet adopted or otherwise placed for training are scheduled to be returned to the territory after the agreed-upon holding period ends Sept. 25.

Two hundred and twenty one horses were sent to the BLM Litchfield holding facility from tribal and private lands near the territory. Since then efforts to adopt or place these horses have met with huge success, both in adoption numbers and formation of partnerships.

The Modoc Mustang Training Program developed by volunteers, partners and employees in the spring of 2017 has led to 41 adoptions with 19 additional horses still in training. Approximately 40 additional horses are being transferred to another Forest Service facility for training and adoption. Seven horses went to an inmate training program in Arizona.

Available for adoption

The remaining sum of wild horses were placed from Bureau of Land Management adoption facilities using their resources and expertise, primarily from the Litchfield facility. Of the remaining horses, approximately 60 to 80 are mares and foals which will be held beyond Sept. 25. These horses will continue to be available for adoption and sale with limitation at Litchfield.

In total, there have been approximately 132 adoptions and/or placements to date, a number which significantly surpasses the national average for wild horse adoption.

“It is a great thing to see the passion of these folks and their willingness to go above and beyond on a daily basis to do the right thing for the land and the horses,” said District Ranger Greg Moon. “Because of the hard work of volunteers, Modoc County, BLM, the Fort Bidwell Indian Community Council and BIA, the adoption promotion effort has been more successful than anyone thought possible. It is now estimated 60 or fewer mares will need to be returned, all administered with fertility control lasting up to two years.”

Anyone wanting to adopt or purchase with limitation mares ages 6 and over, mare/foal pairs or weanlings should contact the Litchfield Corrals to complete an application as soon as possible. Call 530-254-6575 to learn more.