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TULELAKE — Youth who participated in raising animals in 4-H and FFA clubs in and around Tulelake auctioned them off at the Rotary Junior Livestock Auction at the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair Sunday afternoon.

There were almost 90 animals to bid on at this year’s auction, an increase from almost 70 last year. The majority of the youth raised and auctioned swine, with lambs falling close behind. Overall, Tulelake Rotary Secretary Destiney Huffman said that the auction made about $249,000.

Huffman said that about $30,000 of the total auction earnings came from add-ons, which are donations that can be made without purchasing an animal. Some people who apply add-ons give them to the entire organization to split between the children, whereas some choose specific species to give money to. Others choose particular students to give some extra funding to.

Group endeavor

Huffman said that she is thankful for everyone who worked to make the auction happen.

“There is so much that goes into this,” she said. “It’s a huge group project that just one person can’t get credit for.”

The Rotary Club takes an 8% commission from the sale of each animal, half of which goes to the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair itself. Huffman said that the other half is used by the Rotary Club to go back into the community.

The FFA Garret Guthrie Memorial Scholarship, a memorial for Garret Guthrie, a beloved 13-year-old member of Tulelake FFA who passed away last summer, raised $11,230 with the sale of a market lamb. The Tulelake Rotary Club raised $3,368 in scholarships from its auction of a meat goat and a swine. Tulelake FFA took in $1,624 for a scholarship to help the Tulelake FFA agronomy team go to nationals.

“We take pride in the youth in our community,” Huffman said. She said that the Rotary Club tries to give students as much money in scholarships as they can. “Giving them money for education is the least we can do.”

Following are the results for Grand Champion and Reserve Champion sales. Full auction results will be printed in the Herald and News once in an upcoming edition.


Grand Champion: Codey Lyman, Tulelake. The 1,178-pound steer sold for $6,773.50 to buyers Ryan and Jennifer Hartman and Baley Trotman Farms

Reserve Champion: Augustus Guthrie, Tulelake. The 1,221-pound steer sold for $5494.50 to Evergreen Ag and Ed Staub & Sons

Meat Goat

Grand Champion: Hayley Hirschler, Tulelake. The 80-pound meat goat sold for $1,280 to Grange Co-Op and Coast Truck Center

Reserve Champion: Isaac Root, Macdoel. The 87-pound meat goat sold for $1,653 to First Community Credit Union


Grand Champion: Paola Chavez, Tulelake. The 273-pound swine sold for $6,006 to Hall & Son

Reserve Champion: Quiana Cundall, Dorris. The 247-pound swine sold for $4,446 to Basin Fertilizer & Chemical and J&W Walker Farms


Grand Champion: Emma Hirschler, Tulelake. The 142-pound lamb sold for $3,124 to Basin Fertilizer & Chemical and J&W Walker Farms

Reserve Champion: Hannah Duval, Tulelake. The 123-pound lamb sold for $2,583 to Grange Co-Op