Spence Mountain

When Klamath Trails Alliance began work on Spence Mountain trails six years ago, the KTA’s goal was to develop 50 miles of trails, but that goal has been upped to 65 miles.

Mountain biking and hiking at Spence Mountain reopened Wednesday afternoon.

Drew Honzel, a member of the Klamath Trails Alliance, which is creating a complex network at Spence Mountain, said the barricades were removed after a month-long closure due to hire fire danger.

“I want to get the word out to our supporters that Spence is officially open,” Honzel said, noting barricades were down today from the two trailheads, one off Highway 140, the other at Shoalwater Bay.

Honzel expressed appreciation to Michael Schaaf, a KTA member who talked with Jason Pettigrew with the Oregon Department of Forestry, which had requested the closure because of concerns about the lack of crews available to respond in case of wildfire. According to Honzel, Pettigrew “felt conditions had changed from a month ago in terms of fire danger and ODF’s ability to respond if a fire was to breakout.”

Honzel contacted JWTR, the company that owns the lands on Spence Mountain “and they agreed to open. Now we just need some clean air!”

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