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splash pad

A pair of skateboarders cool off Friday afternoon at the Klamath Commons splash pad as the waterworks have reopened.

After a July opening for the new downtown Klamath Commons Park, the water feature which was enjoyed by dozens of children was turned off on July 24.

The hold up occurred when the state agency responsible for issuing a permit for the water feature questioned whether the splash pad was technically a water feature or a pool.

According to Sky Lakes spokesman Tom Hottman, the designers of the splash pad never intended it to be classified as a pool.

According to Hottman, Sky Lakes and the City of Klamath Falls have made some adjustments to the feature as recommended by state inspectors. A larger drain gate has been installed to prevent slipping, and water no longer recirculates.

“The splash pad now uses entirely potable city water, one time only, and then it drains into the sewer system. Since the splash pad’s water is not reused, the code regarding pools no longer applies,” Hottman said.