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ALTURAS, Calif.— Firefighters taking advantage of favorable weather conditions have made significant progress in the effort to contain the Lone Fire.

In the absence of hot, dry weather the fire burned with less intensity allowing access to the line directly on the fire’s edge. Hand crews, engines and bulldozers working the fire were supported by two large air tankers and a helicopter as they constructed containment line along the perimeter of the 5,628-acre fire.

The weather is expected to remain cool well into next week resulting in less active fire behavior but winds are still a concern. With pockets of heat near the fire’s edge the threat of fire spread remains.

Moving forward the focus continues to be the construction of containment line and extinguishment of any heat found near the edge of the fire.

Additional information regarding the Lone Fire is available on Inciweb.


ALTURAS, Calif.— Higher temperatures and decreased humidity along with strong winds pushed the Lone Fire to 4,600 acres over the weekend.

One helicopter and several air tankers, including a DC-10 Very Large Air Tanker (VLAT), responded and made multiple retardant drops. Additional helicopters have been ordered to assist the 119 personnel assigned to the incident.

In addition to the weather, lack of access for fire equipment made it difficult for firefighters to make headway. Firefighters continue to scout the area for natural barriers and roads that can be used as fire containment line.

This lightning-caused fire is burning in grass and juniper in the area of Pinnacle Lake. Since the initial report on Sept. 5 the fire has grown over 2,000 acres per day.

Since Thursday’s thunderstorms 20 fires have been discovered on the forest, nine of these remain uncontrolled.

Good progress was made Friday on several of the small fires. Five incidents were declared “controlled/contained”, and two were declared out. All but one of these fires were less than one quarter of an acre.

n Shooter Fire (43N 9E Sec 25) 0.1 acre

n Ingal Fire (45N 11E Sec 33) 0.1 acre

n Spring Fire (44N11E Sec 14) 0.1 acre

n Caldwell Fire (45N 4E Sec 26) 0.1 acre

n Swamp Fire (44N 11E Sec 4) 10 acres

n Foster Fire (37N 10E Sec 17) 0.1 acre

n House Fire (42N 9E Sec18) 0.1 acre

n Joseph Fire (43N 14E Sec 10) 0.1 acre

n Kelly Fire (40N 10E Sec 32)


n Site Fire (40N 10E Sec 6)

n Knob Fire (44N 4E Sec 7)

n Benton Fire (44N 14E Sec 3)

n Porcupine Fire (43N 13E Sec 1)

n Grouse Fire (40N 10E Sec5) Declared out

n Avanzino Fire (45N 10E Sec3) Declared out.