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On April 1, Klamath County Sheriff’s Office began a phased launch of a smartphone based body camera program for its deputies, according to a news release. The program, developed by Visual Labs Inc. of Menlo Park, California, uses smartphones already issued to deputies to record video, capture evidentiary photos, and take audio recordings.

This data is automatically uploaded via secure connections without the additional expense of other docking hardware.

In addition, this program provides real-time location data that can save time when deputies need backup in remote areas of the county. All data generated is encrypted for privacy and the data provides advanced analytics that can generate heatmaps as well as geofencing capabilities that will help with contract areas such as cities and schools.

Sheriff Chris Kaber states: “I was not always a proponent of body cameras. However, in recent years I have seen many instances where the availability of video and audio interactions between law enforcement and citizens have been helpful and have provided valuable information when the need for review arises. When we began to evaluate body camera programs my primary concerns were overall usefulness, transparency, cost, and keeping secure the privacy concerns of deputies and citizens alike. Visual Labs presented the best solutions to all those concerns.”

More information about Visual Labs Inc can be found on their website,