Seven french bulldog puppies were stolen in a Klamath Falls home invasion Monday morning, the dogs’ owner said.

Daniel Mendoza, a Klamath Falls-based breeder who runs Victory Lap Kennels, said the “very expensive” dogs were taken from his Birch Street address. He’s asking the community for information related to the dogs’ whereabouts and offering a $10,000 reward.

Those who took the dogs broke in a back window and took the puppies, leaving the adult dogs behind, Mendoza said, adding that he has video of the break-in.

“They stole my babies,” Mendoza said, adding that the dogs were scheduled to have their shots Tuesday, but now that they’re gone, he can’t take care of them. Breeding the dogs is a “hobby and a passion” for Mendoza.

A police report was filed Tuesday night. The Klamath Falls Police Department took the report at about 11 p.m. Tuesday, Captain Ryan Brosterhous said in an email. Brosterhous said the report isn’t yet complete so he couldn’t provide further details. An arrest would complete the report.

So far, Mendoza said he’s been surprised by how many people have reached out so far. He said he tried to tell some folks at a local gas station about the reported burglary and they told him they’d already heard and were on the lookout.

“I know the people who stole them aren’t getting comfortable,” Mendoza said.

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