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Klamath Falls City Schools district is sending upward of 6,000 mailers to alert alumni of Klamath Union High School to “save the date” for a celebration.

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Integral Youth Services (IYS) Executive Director Larry Zeilstra, in partnership with the IYS Board of Directors, would like to announce that the decision has been made to close the IYS Youth Center at the end of the summer.

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Krystel Fernandez Torres, wearing a set a gray wolf ears and a long, gray tail, had no trouble huffing and puffing and blowing away the straw and stick houses of two of the three little pigs.

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The Oregon Institute of Technology’s (Oregon Tech’s) president, Nagi Naganathan, today announced that the university would reduce its tuition rate increase to 6 percent, instead of the previously announced rate increase of 9 percent.