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8-26 Nicole Sanchez

For expert gardeners or regular reader of this column, a Klamath Gardening Trivia Tournament is being organized in collaboration between Klamath County Libraries and OSU Extension.

Why study gardening info at the end of the gardening season? To win the first- ever Klamath Gardening Trivia Tournament, of course! Klamath County Libraries and Klamath County Extension have partnered to deliver the ultimate gardening edutainment experience, beginning Friday evening, September 11.

A series of gardening themed trivia games will be held each Friday night at 7 p.m., with prizes for the top scorers each night. Points will also accumulate over the six weeks of the event, with additional prizes to the top cumulative scorers.

As the outdoor gardening season in Klamath draws to a close, sharpen your gardening skills from the comfort of your couch while you compete for valuable swag courtesy of Klamath County Library and OSU Extension in Klamath County. Contact Denae Nemanic at to register and for instructions on using the online game room for the series, Trivia Maker, or at 541-882-8894. You’ll find friends and gardening information tailored to the local climate, and you could even win valuable prizes!

Each evening will consist of 50 questions that start out easy and get progressively harder. Using the app Trivia Maker (accessible from phone or computer), the accuracy and timing of your answers will be recorded using a player name that you select. The top five scorers each round will receive a swag bag. Top three scorers cumulatively over the series will earn the title of “Gardening Trivia Champion” for special prizes. The topics and suggested study material, from which the questions will be derived, are outlined below.

Friday, 9/11: Challenges of Gardening in the Klamath Climate

About half of the gardeners participating in previous gardening classes at the library are transplants from other parts of the country. Cool summer nights, variable winters, short growing season, and lack of summer rain all make gardening in the Klamath Basin more challenging than in many other environments.

Find links at Click on the “newsletter archive” button at the bottom to find additional topics. Focus on articles that deal with gardening challenges.

Friday, 9/18: Growing Vegetables in cool climates

Vegetable gardening has experienced a popularity boom in 2020 that shows no signs of slowing down. Join us to sharpen, or show off, your gardening knowledge as it pertains to short, cool growing seasons.

Suggested reading:

University of MN has an extensive reference for cool seasoning vegetable gardening that includes both general info and specifics for vegetables A-Z. Use the “+” tabs to open up even more info on fertilizer, harvest, and storage needs. There’s no telling what questions will surface towards the end of the hour when the material gets more challenging!

Find information for individual vegetables here:

Friday, 9/25: Bug Battles: Identifying pests and beneficial insects

Half the battle of good pest management is recognizing the insect at hand- is it friend, or foe? The first suggested reading documents focus on insects of alfalfa and potato, two common Klamath crops. The final reference, from the National Pesticide Information Center, contains a wealth of information, including links to additional resources. At the very bottom of the page, for instance, are links to picture galleries for beneficial insects that may come in very handy on game night!

Suggested reading:,,

Friday, 10/2: Enhancing Pollinators in the Landscape

Bees and butterflies in our gardens are the focus of this evening’s questions. The first reference for this session is OSU’s recent guide to protecting pollinators in the landscape, just published June 2020.

Suggested Reading:,

Friday, 10/9: Drought Tolerant Landscape Plants

In this session, questions will focus on the care and characteristics of landscape plants that can thrive in low water situations. Questions will cover the author’s 7-step approach to water-wise gardening as well as information about specific plants. The landscaper’s mantra “right plant, right place” is especially relevant when water is a critical issue: this session is designed to familiarize you with choices that can result in attractive gardens with low- water needs.

Suggested Reading:

Friday, 10/16: Gardening Remix

The series will conclude with a selection of the most challenging questions from previous weeks.

Don’t miss Klamath’s first virtual gardening trivia tournament! Edutainment guaranteed.

- Nicole Sanchez is horticulture faculty at OSU’s Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center. For more information on this or other gardening topics, contact Sanchez at 541-883-7131 or