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Round Lake outside of Keno

Round Lake outside of Keno

Southern California developers representing Coast MHP announced Thursday its purchase of the Round Lake mobile home park property — including the golf course and main residential area — located near Keno.

The developers will soon begin making major facility improvements and start building enhanced residential units to the location over multiple phases.

According to the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA), Phase 1 of the development plan will be focused on road improvements, landscape improvements, adding streetlight fixtures and security equipment.

It will also include clubhouse and restaurant renovations, and a build-out of new, manufactured homes on a greenfield section of the property, a KCEDA press release said.

Phase 2 of the development will then focus on renovations to the golf course (which had not been operational for several years), and expanding the amount of new manufactured housing units onto other, underutilized sections of the property.

Partners representing Coast MHP involved with the land purchase — $3.6 million for the five parcels, according to courthouse records — each expressed their enthusiasm for Klamath as a market and the anticipation they have for the location’s future.

Thomas Larkin said, “We have stress-tested this piece really hard to make sure we are comfortable with the investment. From an economic standpoint, we are highly encouraged to move forward by what this market is showing for us.”

Oliver Pilco said, “The unbelievable natural beauty and compelling value get us really excited about this location’s prospects. We can’t wait to begin the Phase 1 work of our development plan and start to realize the potential.

“KCEDA has been a valuable resource to help us reach this decision and we look forward collaborating with them more in the work that lies ahead to achieve our development vision,” he said.

KCEDA began work on the project earlier this year, where they coordinated closely with Coast MHP, providing the developers a variety of services, which included: mapping assistance, market research, housing data, formation of private/public partnerships to address development needs, and more.

KCEDA Project Manager Julie Matthews said, “This project gets me excited for many reasons, but I’m particularly happy because I believe this property purchase represents that developers are starting to see the strong demand for housing in Klamath County and believe it can pencil.”