Firefighters continued to make progress on the Cougar Peak Fire this week, which is burning approximately 15 miles northwest of Lakeview.

On Tuesday morning, the fire transitioned to a local Type 4 Incident Management organization. Tonight the fire is transitioning to a local Type 5 organization.

The fire is now 98 percent contained and 91,810 acres.

Firefighters will continue to patrol the fire, work on suppression repair and monitoring.

Due to terrain challenges, the interior still has smoldering and creeping fire. Smoke from the fire will be visible in the area until winter snows.

The Cougar Peak Fire Emergency Closure Order remains in effect. The closure area is generally north of Oregon State Highway 140 between Lakeview and Quartz Mountain; east of Forest Roads 3660, 34 and 28; south of Forest Road 3315, also known as the High Road, and Oregon State Highway 31 between Paisley and Valley Falls; west of U.S. Highway 395 between Valley Falls and Lakeview; as well as a section of the Warner Mountains northeast of Lakeview.

Numerous recreation sites are closed within the area, including North Brattain, Brattain Butte and South Brattain Recreation Areas; the Fremont National Recreation Trail and Oregon Timber Trails within the closure area; Cottonwood, Cottonwood Creek, Cox Pass, Moss Pass, Hanan/Coffeepot, Bear Creek, and Mill Trailheads; and Cottonwood, Clear Springs, Happy Camp, Dairy Point, Jones Crossing, Chewaucan Crossing, Marster Spring, and Moss Meadow Campgrounds.

Violations of either of these closure orders are punishable by a fine of not more than $5,000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization, or imprisonment of not more than 6 months or both.