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A Klamath Falls woman accused of trying to drown her 9-month-old daughter was charged Wednesday with two counts of attempt to commit murder.

Davie Lamburth, 27, was arrested Tuesday after her family brought the infant to Sky Lakes Medical Center to ensure she was stable. Lamburth nearly drowned her in a bathtub in an apartment she shared with her boyfriend and his grandmother, investigators said.

Lamburth faces one attempt to commit a Class C felony charge in addition to the attempted murder charges.

Arresting records show Lamburth told detectives she believed her daughter had “fish characteristics” and would come back as an animal if she passed away.

Lamburth admitted to using meth and heroin before the incident

She also told detectives she also tried to hurt the baby a few days prior by putting her hand over her nose, mouth and neck to stop her breathing.

Lamburth told detectives she only stopped after her boyfriend intervened.

The infant was removed from the home and placed with a family member.

Attempt to commit murder is a Measure 11 crime in Oregon, carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of seven years and six months.

Lamburth is held in the Klamath County jail on $500,000 bail. She is scheduled to appear in court Thursday afternoon.