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Checks were presented to representatives from four school organizations in Klamath County totaling $237,000 at the Wednesday morning County Commissioners meeting.

The money is the result of a decision by the commissioners to retroactively waive 18% of permit fees from 2015 to present day. The idea to refund the money was originally suggested in December.

The commissioners presented $57,337 to Oregon Tech, $31,550 to Klamath Community College, $64,118 to the Klamath County School District and $83,995 to the Klamath Falls City Schools district.

Before presenting the checks to the representatives, Commision Chair Donnie Boyd praised the work the schools do for the area.

“This was just a simple way for us to say thank you very much for that,” Boyd said.

“I’m really proud of all the work that our educational institutions are doing and I’m really pleased that my colleagues and I were able to do this,” Commissioner Kelley Minty Morris said. “Just something that recognizes that when you support educational institutions in a meaningful way, you’re investing in the future of your entire community.”

“I want to thank you and assure you that this will go to support our core mission. We have great aspirations for growth,” said Oregon Tech President Nagi Naganathan.