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Valentine’s Day is a day to give of yourself with all your love and attention to that special someone or “someones” in your life. It doesn’t matter if you just met or if you have been married 75 years, take the time and effort to show them how much you appreciate and adore them for all the love and happiness they bring into your life.


Giving can be with a gift that you bought or emotion you show. It is your way of expressing your affection and everlasting love for the most important people in your life. It’s a time to share special moments and shower them with gifts that come from your heart and not just from your pocketbook. Sometimes the smallest things often impress the most. Even if love is all you have to give, then you are giving the greatest gift.


There are all kinds of items on sale for Valentine’s Day: jewelry, balloons, stuffed animals, clothing and fragrances. Let’s not forget candy since everywhere you turn right now there are red heart-shaped boxes with candy of all kinds, and if it doesn’t come in a fancy box, create your own. Flowers are also a traditional Valentine’s gift. However, if you want fresh flowers from a florist be sure to order ahead of time to ensure you get the bouquet you want. Or, choose a beautiful artificial bouquet that your valentine can keep indefinitely. Perhaps most important, is a card that says how much you care and adore your valentine.


Decorating for Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to involve a lot. A few red items set around your home will suffice, such as candles. Red construction paper hearts can decorate tables and walls. Most stores have up to 50 percent off on most Valentine’s Day decorations now and the discount stores have a great selection of items for very low pricing. If your budget allows it, you can even purchase valentine dishes, tablecloths, napkins and towels for the special day which you use can use over again every year.

Homemade Goodies

If you have a flair for baking or making candies, then impress with your own homemade goodies. Or, you could arrange a basket full of packaged candy and other goodies (candles, red decorations, a book, artificial flowers, knickknacks, etc.) that add to the celebration and tie it all up with a big bow.


Dinner can be intimate, fixed at home with a special something or two, or a dinner out. If you decide to stay home, start with an appetizer you like but don’t normally have. Buy a bottle of a special beverage. Take advantage of a sale and buy a quality steak and freeze it until the day before Valentine’s Day. Make a special salad, vegetable or bake a special dessert. Set the table with a red-and-white theme with candles and flowers. If you are going out and have reservations, take a bouquet ahead of time and have them waiting on the table when you walk in — that will always impress your Valentine — but don’t forget to bring them home.


Most of all, don’t forget a card with a saying from your heart. There will be many selections right now, but if you want a special one, get it now before the selections have been picked over. If you are spreading your budget between everything you buy, be sure to look on the back of the card to see the pricing of the card as some cards can cost up to $6 or $7. There are some discount stores that have cards for less expensive prices. If you are creative, make your own card as you can ensure exactly what you want to say to your special someone.


Maybe you have a tradition in your family that you observe every year. Our family tradition is a few days before Valentine’s Day we cover an empty paper box in white paper and put red paper valentines all over the outside. Then we put the cards, candy and gifts for each person inside until Valentine’s Day. The children are so excited to open the box to find what they got. I think my favorite gift that I ever was given, and still have, is a special one my child made. The things children make seem to mean the most for years to come.

Remember, sometimes the most valuable gift doesn’t cost a penny.