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Spectacular images of Crater Lake, Mount McLoughlin, the Klamath National Wildlife Refuge and other areas of the Klamath Basin are among those featured in two new photography books, “Southern Oregon” and “Oregon,” by Barbara Tricarico.

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Gardening in all forms — from window boxes to major landscape renovations — surged in 2020. Whether for mental peace, food security, or a meaningful “socially distanced pastime,” people turned to gardening this year. Increased interest in all things gardening led to temporary shortages in se…

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Cool temperatures, shorter daylight hours — outdoor gardening season is reaching its conclusion in Klamath. On social media, new gardeners are asking about winterizing — positioning gardens for continued health and beauty over the winter months.

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Raspberries are one of the easier fruits to grow in the Klamath Basin, and their care and maintenance is now even easier with the guidance provided in the latest home fruit growing guide from OSU Extension, Growing Raspberries in the Home Garden.


Whether you like to cook and enjoy being in the kitchen or just go in the kitchen to get what you want to eat without taking a lot of time, either way, you use appliances that cost energy dollars. Let’s talk about how you can save energy which equals savings money in your kitchen.