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Community works together for Halloween road closureI just wanted to extend a special thanks to everyone that was involved in getting Pacific Terrace closed for Halloween.

I would like to recognize Civil Engineering Professor, Dr. Charles Riley of Oregon Tech and the OIT student chapters of ASCE and ITE. Thank you for making our community’s trick or treating experience so much more safe.

I would also like to thank everyone from the City of Klamath Falls that was involved with facilitating and supporting this event.

Finally, I would like to thank Allison Bottcher for making this event a reality.

If you attended the event or live on the Terrace we would love to hear about your experience. Here is a survey for you to provide some feedback to the organizers of the event:

Phil McGovern

Klamath Falls

Klamath Works providing new hope for community

I am a member of the peace and social concerns committee at Klamath Falls Friends Church. I want to thank Klamath Works for blessing the greater community of Klamath Falls with renewed hope since 2014.

Their grassroots movement to support individuals out of poverty by addressing all the ways poverty robs people not only materially but also of their dignity and spirit is inspiring. From training, to awarding job readiness certificates, Klamath Works is there every step of the way giving a hand up.

I want to publicly thank Klamath Works for their partnership with our Friends Church garden this past year, and for the refurbishment of our children’s play area behind our food pantry.

It takes a village to support our neighbors! Thank you for your support, Klamath Works!

Rahmanah Herfurth

Klamath Falls Friends Church

Thank you for being the nicest people around

As our produce season and summer comes to an end, I want to thank Sky Lakes Foundation, Cascade Health Alliance, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Peanut Butter and Jelly Project participants and all of our community members who support our mission.

Sky Lakes Foundation and Cascade Health Alliance provided funding to insure the million pounds of free produce, which would have otherwise gone to waste, was distributed to those who need it throughout Klamath, Lake and northern Siskiyou counties. Another shout out to all of our local gardeners who grew produce and donated their extra to the Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank.

Through the “Peanut Butter & Jelly Project” caring community members collected/purchased enough kid friendly foods to make sure 3,000 kids didn’t go to bed hungry through summer break.

Lastly, I would like to share an email story from a nice lady who was in Klamath Falls visiting from the United Kingdom and couldn’t believe our hospitality:

Hi Niki,

Thank you for your call earlier today, I appreciate your time and am so glad we can help support the children and families in the Klamath, Lake area.

As discussed we are a global non-profit organization, staffed by volunteers, whose annual fundraising event called Endure 4 Kindness (e4k) raised funds to combat childhood hunger, which we have spent the last 7 months distributing around the globe in the form of food and donations. You can read more about our efforts at

We would be delighted to support The Peanut Butter and Jelly Project with a donation of $500 of food and $1500 for the fund.

As I explained, although I am the Events Manager for this US based charity, I live in the UK. As we have no Oregon based representative, when we came to identifying somewhere in the State to focus our childhood hunger campaign, I jumped at the chance to return the kindness of the people in your area.

Last summer my family and I spent a wonderful few days in Klamath Falls as part of a family vacation, a road trip that took us through 5 States. I fell in love with Klamath Falls, in particular because of the people. Your area is beautiful, but the kindness of the people made our stay something special.

We arrived just as the Favell Museum was closing one afternoon; we had read about it prior to our visit and were looking forward to seeing it. Even though they were literally closing the doors, the team kept the museum open for my son, daughter and I; the people at the hotel saved a breakfast for my daughter who was unwell one day, and the pharmacy staff patient, as I didn’t know the different names for US medication and had to be talked through everything. Everybody we encountered during our stay was so kind and thoughtful.

Through my position at Random Acts, I was able to nominate your food bank when we were looking at places in Oregon to donate. Your Peanut Butter and Jelly Project is exactly the kind of work we are seeking to support and I am delighted that this can come to your town’s food bank.

I hope to return one day and spend some more time exploring your gorgeous county and getting to know its kind people, many of whom embody the philosophy of our organization, to change the world, one act of kindness at a time.

Kind Regards,

Alex Vincent, Events Manager

Thank you Klamath and Lake county residents for being the nicest, kindest people around!

Forever grateful,

Niki Sampson

Executive Director, Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank