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Weed removal was an act of kindness

Thank you to the unknown person who cleaned up the weeds on Daggett Avenue which were sticking out over the sidewalk.

As a Klamath area senior, I want to say how much I appreciate that.

Laila Muno

Klamath Falls

Klamath garden club hosts state convention

Members of Klamath Falls District garden clubs were honored to serve as hosts for the 2019 Oregon garden club convention, which drew more than 100 visitors from around the state earlier this summer. It was a fun and rewarding experience for everyone on our team.

We are very grateful to Meredith Mackey at the Running Y Ranch Resort for her patience in dealing with our many questions during the event.

We’re also deeply grateful to the following individuals and organizations that helped with donations of time, money or materials:

Bethany Simpson, Edward Jones; Tim Clinton, Main Street Jewelers; Jen Ritter, Daily Bagel; David Scott, Rodeos Pizza; Troy Santille, Denham Music; Diane Sheehan, Plantscapes of Oregon;

Terry Bennett, Petris Boutique at Yesterday’s Plaza; Roseanne Reinecke, Horizon Nursery; Grange CO-OP Donation Committee; Steve Spencer, Leo’s Camera Shop; Jackie Friedman, IFA Nurseries; First Community Credit Union; Kindred at Home; Linda Tepper, “I HEART Klamath Falls”; Klamath County Chamber of Commerce; Diana Samuels, Audubon Society; Klamath Basin Chapter Native Plant Society of Oregon; Klamath County Museum; Larry and Barbara Headden; Master Gardener Association; Klamath District Garden Clubs.

Judi Blank

Convention chair

Klamath Falls District garden clubs

Showing appreciation for Klamath art

We would like to extend a very appreciated “thank you” to everyone who attended our Klamath Art Gallery Show opening receptions on Sept. 1 and 8. You took time out of your day to let us know you enjoy art and crafts.

A very special thanks to several people who were a great help, including Ken and Karen Simpson, receptionists; Liz Hubbard, reception and setup; Joyce Wagler for her tasty treats; and Tommy Franks for supplying the wonderful background music. Without them and all in attendance, the show would not have been the success it was.

Greg and Debbie Beckman

Community supports Shindig scholarship fund raising

The Tulelake Shindig Street Fair & Bazaar would like to thank the following supporters and donors of this event and of the Shindig Scholarship:

Klamath Falls Herald & News, KLAD Radio and its affiliate stations, Duncan Family Farms, Pape’ (Scottie) in Merrill, Les Schwab (Rob) in Merrill, Power Pac (Jeff) in Klamath Falls, Back 40 Restaurant, Bigoni’s Restaurant, Malin, Abby’s Pizza (both locations in Klamath Falls), State of Jefferson, Dick Howard’s Meats, Oregon Tye Dye, Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Night Fire Band, Ark Angel Band, Tulelake Public Works, and all the private donors and supporters.

Lydia Gil, Founder/coordinator

Tulelake Shindig Street Fair & Bazaar for the Shindig Scholarship