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A Klamath Falls man accused of raping 13-year-old girl in Lakeview was booked in the Klamath County jail June 8 on additional Klamath Falls sex abuse charges.

Jacob McLane, 23, was secretly indicted by a Klamath County Grand Jury April 18 for first-degree rape, two counts first-degree sexual abuse, two counts first-degree criminal mistreatment, two counts strangulation, coercion, tampering with a witness and tampering with physical evidence.

He is accused of sexually abusing the young victim, known to him, multiple times between November 2017 and Jan. 11, 2019. Charging documents allege McLane also strangled her with a power cord and threatened to hurt her or her friend if she reported the abuse to authorities.

McLane destroyed incriminating text and Facebook conversations and internet history, records show.

In a separate Lake County case involving the same victim, McLane is charged with first-degree sodomy, incest, two counts first-degree sexual abuse and tampering with physical evidence for alleged abuse involving the same victim.

McLane was indicted on these charges by a Lake County Grand Jury March 11. He admitted to investigators that he forced intercourse on the victim on different occasions in Lakeview and Klamath Falls, records show.

McLane has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

He has a hearing scheduled for June 24 in front of Judge Robert Nichols for his Lake County charges, and on June 25 in front of Judge Roxanne Osborne for his Klamath County charges.

Klamath County prosecutors in April filed a notice of intent to rely on enhancement facts including McLane’s deliberate cruelty to the victim, threatening violence, engaging in multiple incidents, showing lack of remorse, demonstrating disregard for laws and needing to be incarcerated for public safety.

These enhancement facts could mean McLane would receive a sentence harsher than 20 years in prison, the maximum for first-degree rape in Oregon.

Financial fight conviction

A Klamath Falls man was sentenced to six years prison-time June 7 for a December 2018 incident when he and another man physically assaulted someone over a financial dispute, then fired a pistol at him when he ran way.

Jayden Scroggins, 19, pleaded no contest to unlawful use of a weapon and third-degree assault. His other charges of attempt to commit murder and third-degree assault were dismissed.

Deputy District Attorney Cole Chase said in an email Scroggins pointed a .22 caliber at the victim in the incident after the victim told him he did not have money to repay his debt to Scroggins.

The victim ran away and heard the sound of a gun bring racked with several shots ringing out after, Chase said. As he ran home, Sean Amos — the other man involved in the crime — caught up to him and punched him several times. Scroggins then approached the victim with the gun, and the victim escaped again.

Chase said investigators discovered a text message Scroggins sent the victim that described how he would use two registered guns to make him suffer if he did not repay the debt.

He was sentenced to 60 months for the unlawful use of a weapon conviction and 13 months for the third-degree assault conviction.

Scroggins will be eligible for early release with good behavior and alternative incarceration. He will also complete a drug and alcohol program.

Amos pleaded Alford in January to two counts third-degree assault. He was sentenced to 36 months supervised probation.

Gun threat conviction

A Klamath Falls man who threatened to shoot three men in April 2018 was ordered to pay a $500 restitution fee Monday after pleading guilty to a single count of menacing.

Sinjin Hall, 28, had three counts unlawful use of a weapon, two counts menacing and one count second-degree disorderly conduct dismissed by Judge Andrea Janney.

Jail for shooting threat

A Klamath Falls man who threatened to shoot several people in a home if they left the residence in February was sentenced Tuesday to 28 months jail-time.

Dalton Sandy Hall, 23, had his other charges of first-degree kidnapping, coercion and felon in possession of a firearm dismissed.

Hall will be eligible for early release with good behavior but not for alternative incarceration.