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Klamath County Jail

As of Thursday afternoon, there were 114 people booked in the Klamath County Jail, which has a current capacity of 152

Booked in the Klamath County Jail

Angela Rosanne Burnett, Klamath Falls, parole violation (felony), held without bail

Bryce Logan Willhite, Klamath Falls, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, first-degree criminal mischief, attempting to elude a police officer (two counts), fourth-degree assault, held on $35,000 bail

Dale Lee Rohwer, Lakeview, failure to appear on a bench warrant (unlawful possession of methamphetamine), held on $10,000 bail

Jeremy Lee Ayers, Klamath Falls, first-degree failure to appear, held on $10,000 bail

Joshua David Hamilton, Klamath Falls, attempting to elude a police officer’s vehicle (two counts), reckless driving, third-degree theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, possession of methamphetamine, parole violation, held on $36,000 bail


Joshua Bret Binderup, Klamath Falls, failure to perform duties of a drive (two counts), driving under the influence of intoxicants, booked and released


Hamaker Lane, 17900 block, assault reported Thursday morning

Main Street, 700 block, fight reported Wednesday night

Burglaries, theft, vandalism

Austin Street, 4300 block, theft reported Thursday morning

Bisbee Street, 4500 block, stolen vehicle reported Wednesday night

California Avenue, 800 block, burglary reported Wednesday night

Chiloquin Boulevard, 400 block, stolen vehicle reported Thursday afternoon

Derby Street, 1400 block, theft reported Thursday afternoon

Greensprings Drive, 4200 block, theft reported Thursday morning

Main Street, 1900 block, vandalism reported Wednesday night

Newcastle Avenue and Melrose Street, theft reported Wednesday night

Pacific Terrace Avenue, 200 block, theft reported Wednesday night

Radcliffe Avenue, 2000 block, burglary reported Thursday morning

Summers Lane, 3500 block, stolen vehicle reported Thursday morning

Vandenberg Road, 3300 block, theft reported Thursday afternoon

Washburn Way and 600 block, theft reported Thursday afternoon

White Avenue, 2100 block, theft reported Thursday afternoon


Applegate Avenue and Washburn Way, non-injury collision reported Thursday morning

Washburn Way and South Sixth Street, non-injury collision reported Thursday afternoon

Fire and medical


7:49 p.m., medical, Jefferson Street, 900 block

8:07 p.m., medical, Climax Avenue. 6700 block

8:27 p.m., medical, South Sixth Street, 4400 block

8:58 p.m., medical, East Main Street, 200 block

9:24 p.m., medical, Kimberly Drive, 1700 block


1:27 a.m., medical, Wocus Road, 5000 block

2:02 a.m., medical, Grant Street, 200 block

6:01 a.m., medical, Big Buck Lane, 8100 block

6:05 a.m., medical, Washburn Way, 2400 block

6:18 a.m., medical, North Sixth Street, 1000 block

6:30 a.m., medical, Burns Street, 1700 block

7:51 a.m., medical, Derri Court, 153500 block

7:57 a.m., medical, Pleasant View Road, 24400 block

9:19 a.m., medical, Modoc Point Highway, 36700 block

9:37 a.m., medical, Walton Drive, 5400 block

10:24 a.m., medical, Shasta Way and Derby Street

11:24 a.m., medical, Washburn Way, 600 block

2:03 p.m., medical, South First Avenue, 200 block

2:20 p.m., medical, Memorie Lane, 4900 block

2:58 p.m., medical, Altamont Drive, 2900 block

3:13 p.m., medical, Kaehn Road, 500 block