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Come Monday a contractual agreement for the remainder of the current fiscal year places police patrols in the Town of Lakeview in the hands of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

An intergovernmental agreement between the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Town of Lakeview, and Lake County Commissioners designates three sheriff deputies to municipal policing duties within Lakeview.

The contract, originally set for five years, covers the remainder of the 2018-19 fiscal year through the end of June, and the 2019-2020 fiscal year. It can be renewed annually thereafter, with the option to possibly add a fourth deputy for patrols.

Lakeview Town Council agreed to the arrangement during a special meeting on Feb. 27, with county commissioners signing on as of March 19. The contract can be terminated by either party with six months of notice.

Per the agreement, the sheriff’s office assumes not only patrol duties, but management of police records, evidence and use of the EMS Building as well. Lakeview will retain oversight of 911 Dispatch services, also located in the EMS Building.

New deputy positions have been advertised to fill the positions, while initial training and equipment costs are built into the contract, according to the Lake County Examiner.

For the first year of the agreement the sheriff’s office and Lakeview Mayor Ray Turner, or designated representatives of both parties, will meet monthly to review services. Thereafter, meetings will be held quarterly.

For more information contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Department at 541-947-6027.

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