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According to a Lake County grand jury, a sheriff deputy was justified when he shot and killed an armed, mentally ill man at a Lakeview motel.

Deputy Craig Kintzley shot and killed Terry Dickson Sept. 12 at the Interstate 8 Motel in Lakeview.

According to Lake County District Attorney Ted K. Martin, Dickson suffered “long term mental illness.”

According to a report completed by the Oregon State Police, Kintzley arrived at the motel after reports of popping noises and that “someone was shooting at the building.” Kintzley talked to witnesses and determined a man inside a hotel room was shooting a gun.

Kintzley called for backup and took a position nearby. Dickson soon exited his motel room while armed and “did not obey commands to drop the gun which at times was leveled at Deputy Kintzley” and near bystanders, according to Martin.

Kintzley said he fired one shot as Dickson backed into his room. After a SWAT team arrived and entered Dickson’s motel room, they found him dead.

According to Martin, several bullet holes were found in the floor, front wall and window of the room in addition to bottles of liquor and medications.

“The shot fired by Deputy Kintzley prevented any further unlawful discharge of Mr. Dickson’s gun and ensured the safety of the people present and the citizens of Lake County,” wrote Martin.