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2-09 Klamath Yacht Club

Klamath Yacht Club has selected its new Board of Directors: (back row, l-r) Vice Commodore Vince Wachter, Commodore Patti Houston, Secretary Laura Turturicci, Past Commodore Mike Turturicci, Board members Garrick Jackson and Jeanie Bliss, (front row) Rear Commodore Greg Wall, Treasurer Ingrid Larsen, and Board member Sue Harbin. Not pictured: Jim Wolfe and Steve Crabb.

Klamath Yacht Club announced its Board of Directors for 2020, according to a news release.

The Board consists of Jim Wolfe, Steve Crabb, Vince Wachter, Patti Houston, Laura Turturicci, Mike Turturicci, Garrick Jackson, Jeanie Bliss, Greg Wall, Ingrid Larsen, and Sue Harbin. Houston was named Commodore and Wachter as Vice-Commodore, Wall as Rear Commodore, and Larsen as treasurer.

Located on the shore of Upper Klamath Lake, the Klamath Yacht Club was formed in 1950 to promote sailing on Upper Klamath Lake. The organization coordinates various events, including dinners and sailing regattas.

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