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Lori Meeks

Lori Meeks

Lori Meeks was convicted Wednesday of one count of first-degree criminal mistreatment and sentenced to 30 days in jail and 36 months probation for her involvement in a Kalmath Falls case of child neglect.

Meeks, 52, and Matthew Oakley, 31, were arrested in March after the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office said the pair was keeping a four-year-old child confined in their Klamath Falls home and was mistreating the child.

According to Klamath County District Attorney Eve Costello, "As a result of her care of this child, the child is severely delayed in developmental progress. The child had been locked in a bedroom and was filthy. The child is in DHS custody and appropriate placement will be made by them." 

Meeks and Oakley were not the child’s parents and were given the child to care for in 2016, according to KCSO. The child, along with another living in the home, were placed in protective custody.

While on probation, Meeks will undergo mental health services and must comply with DHS in regards to her biological child, according to Costello.

The case against Oakley is still pending, and he is facing similar charges of two counts of criminal mistreatment.

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